What Is Gamification?

Gamification is the process of applying beneficial characteristics of video games to serious tasks.

Successful gamification achieves the following:

  • make outcomes predictable: „if I play well, I'm going to win”
  • remove obstacles: „I know exactly what my next move should be”
  • simplify or automate tedious tasks: „I only need to tell soldiers where to go, and they will get there on their own”
  • clarify complicated tasks: „playing well means collecting more resources than the opponent”
  • provide a learning experience: „this trick didn't work, so let's try the other one”
  • create strong emotions: „I feel I'm part of the team now”

Do serious tasks need these characteristics? Yes! If I perform my task well, the company is going to profit. If I know exactly what to do next, I won't waste time wondering. Failures are inevitable, but when I learn from them, I turn a problem into an advantage. And when I feel my work makes sense right here, at this moment, it's as strong a motivator as a paycheck a month from now.

Why gamification works?