IT team motivation, goals and objectives

As the members of your team develop a project, they fulfill achievements, receive points and badges for completing specific tasks. GetBadges motivation system promotes best software development practices with team happiness and engagement.

GetBadges rewards for tasks accomplished by every member of the team, such as:

  • creating tickets
  • closing tickets
  • reviewing code
  • fixing bugs
  • contributing commits
  • successful builds
  • releasing software on time

QA team members:

Testers score points and get rewarded for creating tickets, reopening tickets and closing tickets. If you submit a bug and check issues statuses you can see through GetBadges how checking tickets improves the quality of your final product.

Software developers:

When it comes to developers, they fulfill achievements by creating and closing issues, creating pull requests, commits, merging pull requests and reopening issues. Finally, some of rewards depend on code build status.


Being a DevOps means being rewarded for creating or closing tickets and committing. As a bonus, you can see the extent to which your tools are used by your team members.

Team Leaders:

If you are a game master, you can get extra badges for adding new projects and integrations. Your team get access to module with monsters that weakness and strengths automatically reflect priorities within your project and consequently result in more efficient delivery of your product.

You can also use a Custom Badge Generator to create specific badges both to encourage team members and add a bit of funny vibe to your project. What’s more, you can display a leaderboard for all your teammates and set a TV screen dashboard.