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TFS gamificationTFS

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server is a complete solution for issue tracking, code hosting and continuous integration. Available both online and on your premises.

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Tfs features supported by GetBadges:

  • Code repository
  • Code review
  • Continuous integration

Tfs generate events, when player:

  • got his pull request merged (+ 200XP)
  • added a pull request (+ 50XP)
  • merged a pull request (+ 50XP)
  • added a commit (+ 50XP)
  • contributed to a successful build (+ 25XP)
  • contributed to a failed build (+ 5XP)
  • rejected a pull request ( 0XP)

Connect Tfs and get 25 available badges in your game from this tool, for example:

Badge for Contribute 5 commits
Junior Developer
Badge for Contribute your first commit
Badge for 1 change approved
One small step for man...
Badge for 1 change proposed
Stay a while and listen
Badge for 1 change rejected
Wild one
Badge for 20 builds success
Like a robot