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Taiga gamificationTaiga

Taiga is a new way to do Agile software development, be it scrum or kanban.

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Taiga features supported by GetBadges:

  • Issue tracker

Taiga generate events, when player:

  • closed a user story (+ 50XP)
  • closed a task (+ 50XP)
  • reopened a task (+ 50XP)
  • added a user story (+ 50XP)
  • opened a new task (+ 50XP)
  • found a bug (+ 50XP)
  • fixed a bug (+ 50XP)
  • reopened a bug (+ 50XP)
  • deleted a task (+ 25XP)
  • deleted a bug (+ 25XP)

Connect Taiga and get 15 available badges in your game from this tool, for example:

Badge for Add 5 new tickets
Badge for Reopen a ticket
Badge for Delete ticket
Badge for Close 5 tickets
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