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Bitbucket Enterprise gamificationBitbucket Enterprise

Bitbucket Server (previously known as Stash) is a code hosting platform. With Bitbucket Server you can play GetBadges Atlassian style. We gather info on your commit frequency and pull requests so we know about who does the most work in your code and whose code passes code reviews most often.

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Bitbucket enterprise features supported by GetBadges:

  • Code repository

Bitbucket enterprise generate events, when player:

  • added a pull request (+ 50XP)
  • merged a pull request (+ 50XP)
  • rejected a pull request ( 0XP)

Connect Bitbucket enterprise and get 9 available badges in your game from this tool, for example:

Badge for 1 change proposed
Stay a while and listen
Badge for 1 change rejected
Wild one
Badge for 1 change approved
One small step for man...