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Pipedrive gamificationPipedrive

Pipedrive helps salespeople reach their goals.

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Pipedrive features supported by GetBadges:

  • Customer relationship management

Pipedrive generate events, when player:

  • made a meeting with a customer (+ 18XP)
  • added a deal to CRM (+ 15XP)
  • called a customer (+ 15XP)
  • marked an email as sent (+ 9XP)
  • scheduled a meeting with a customer (+ 6XP)
  • sent email to a customer (+ 6XP)
  • scheduled a call with the customer (+ 5XP)
  • marked a task as done (+ 5XP)
  • scheduled an activity with the customer (+ 5XP)
  • scheduled an email to the customer (+ 3XP)
  • add a task to CRM (+ 2XP)
  • unscheduled a call with the customer (+ 1XP)
  • unscheduled a meeting with the customer (+ 1XP)
  • moved a task deadline ( 0XP)

Connect Pipedrive and get 34 available badges in your game from this tool, for example:

Badge for Add 5 new tickets
Badge for Reopen a ticket
Badge for Delete ticket
Badge for Close 5 tickets
Getting Started
Badge for Schedule 10 calls with the customers
Calling from the future
Badge for Add 10 deals to CRM
Badge for Made 10 calls with the customers
Badge for Schedule 10 emails with the customers