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Gamification and JIRA connection

Swift and trendy. There is no better way to complete your software project than with the use of this tool. You track the tickets that were missed by the QA experts while developers get a huge pat on the back for the work done. You cannot miss the warmth and the power that JIRA can give to each member of the team. There is nothing that can stop the stars from shining as this Gamification with JIRA experience puts you at the cutting edge. Everyone is bound to sing a new song with the speed at which each task is completed.

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Jira features supported by GetBadges:

  • Issue tracker

Jira generate events, when player:

  • closed a user story (+ 50XP)
  • closed a task (+ 50XP)
  • reopened a task (+ 50XP)
  • added a user story (+ 50XP)
  • opened a new task (+ 50XP)
  • found a bug (+ 50XP)
  • fixed a bug (+ 50XP)
  • reopened a bug (+ 50XP)
  • deleted a task (+ 25XP)
  • deleted a bug (+ 25XP)

Connect Jira and get 15 available badges in your game from this tool, for example:

Badge for Add 5 new tickets
Badge for Reopen a ticket
Badge for Delete ticket
Badge for Close 5 tickets
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