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Gamification with GitLab

This powerful alternative to GitHub, can be hosted your own premises and open source shines through like an icon. You can blaze new trails by committing/creating pull requests while giving people credit for their code. The time to revamp the pace of productivity at the workplace begins with the GitLab maneuver! It sets the tone for the great achievements that you truly desire. With over 23 badges to keep you fully engaged, you will realize that the momentum never goes down when this tool is in place.

Make A Smart Move And Show Everyone In Your Workplace That GitLab Is Truly A Game Changer!

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Gitlab features supported by GetBadges:

  • Issue tracker
  • Code repository

Gitlab generate events, when player:

  • opened a new task (+ 50XP)
  • closed a task (+ 50XP)
  • reopened a task (+ 50XP)
  • added a commit (+ 50XP)
  • deleted a task (+ 25XP)

Connect Gitlab and get 23 available badges in your game from this tool, for example:

Badge for Add 5 new tickets
Badge for Contribute 5 commits
Junior Developer
Badge for Close 5 tickets
Getting Started
Badge for Delete ticket
Badge for Contribute your first commit
Badge for Reopen a ticket