The making of explainer

The Making of: Explainer

A creative team, brainstorming and loads of motivation – that’s all you need to create something wonderful. The same thing happened to GetBadges explainer. Our team was focused on making it as simple and dynamic as possible, and guess what? We made it right! But let’s start from the beginning.

Everything has begun from an idea, which lead us through sketching single scenes and discussing details to an initial scenario. Obviously it wasn’t easy – there were a lot of understatements and we have changed it many times in order to finally reach perfection. But that was a completely solid base for the future struggles, and thanks to it we could focus on creating the audio records.

Preparing GetBadges Explainer in Adobe Illustrator

After creating a scenario we definitely had to start making basic element designs: characters, items, surroundings – every single illustration was drawn manually one by one, which brought us to composing them into some static scenes (they were already awesome). As soon as we received recordings (we were totally shocked by the awesomeness of them) we could begin bringing our work to life, and without a doubt – we did!

Preparing GetBadges Explainer in Adobe After Effects

Hundreds of keyframes, hours of work and litres of coffee to keep the animation fully dynamic and entertaining. But admit it – our explainer was totally worth it!

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