5 Ways for Employee Motivation Using GetBadges

Do you know that feeling when you really love your job but you don’t feel like your team shares the same passion? As entrepreneur you have tried a whole bunch of incentives but nothing seems to work? Learn how to motivate your staff using GetBadges so that they can look forward for much more than just a paycheck. Continue reading 5 Ways for Employee Motivation Using GetBadges

Say thanks with Kudos

Few words have as much impact on teamwork as “thanks!”. GetBadges helps you make sure you never miss another opportunity to show your appreciation.

One of keys to productive workflow is feedback. That’s how we learn if our work has been done and if it’s been done well. It takes many forms, from automated error messages to e-mail replies, to cash transactions. But the most common and powerful of all forms of feedback in a workplace is when someone simply says: thanks! Continue reading Say thanks with Kudos