How to play GetBadges – a manual for IT teams

Many people ask us: how to play GetBadges for better motivation and engagement our employees? We prepared a small introduction manual which will explain basics of our game.

You can download it here.

Note: this manual is dedicated to IT teams. For sales teams we will have another manual that will be released really soon.

What’s inside?

– best practices that we promote using our game
– description of the Dungeon module – a new way of teamwork
– description of Kudos – how to express gratitude in your company
– description of user’s profile and company’s activity board

Manual will also guide you in exploring the game and making most out of it. Send it to your team and see for yourself how GetBadges can help your company.

Why Gamification Works? Part 2: Engagement

Gamification Creates Engagement

Engagement is the willingness to perform certain actions that lead to taking part in a certain experience.

What the “action” and the “experience” are is up to us.

Most traditional media, such as books and films, try to make the activity as simple as possible. Members of the audience are simply asked to pay attention. This doesn’t prevent media from providing a wide variety of experiences, to the point where no two pieces are exactly alike. Traditional media prove that we can offer engagement to any person or group, because there is always an experience they find valuable. Continue reading Why Gamification Works? Part 2: Engagement

Courses about team motivation and engagement

LinkedIn starts an interesting module called “Learning” where you can find a lot of topics about motivating and engaging employees, how to set team and employee goals, how to find and retain high potentials, about employee performance and problems with it and many others.

Courses listed below are free till 30th October!

Below you can find the most interesting links I found for you. Please share this summary before 30th October to reach all potential leaders for getting these resources for free! Continue reading Courses about team motivation and engagement

How to Motivate Developers? Let Them Slash Monsters!

One of our graphic designers designed 7 new outfits for our monsters. We’ve already explained how our badges work and on this occasion, we’d like to present new looks and say a few words about our monsters and compulsion loop that can motivate developers.

Continue reading How to Motivate Developers? Let Them Slash Monsters!

Frequently Asked Questions #1

Can we just collect badges or we have to fight a monster?
Fighting a monster is optional – you fight it only if you spawn it or create one in Monster Creator.

I have a tool that is not supported by GetBadges. What are the chances you will integrate this tool?
Just get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen.

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