New feature: Kudos

Say thanks with Kudos

Few words have as much impact on teamwork as “thanks!”. GetBadges helps you make sure you never miss another opportunity to show your appreciation.

One of keys to productive workflow is feedback. That’s how we learn if our work has been done and if it’s been done well. It takes many forms, from automated error messages to e-mail replies, to cash transactions. But the most common and powerful of all forms of feedback in a workplace is when someone simply says: thanks!

We don’t thank each other enough. Every day we miss dozens of opportunities, either because we’re busy, the person who deserves our gratitude is in another room, or because thanking every person individually would take too long.

That’s why GetBadges is now introducing the Employee Recognition Module. Whenever any of your team mates does something you appreciate, you can now send them a kudos. Just pick a category, enter your custom message, and press Submit. Giving praise to a group, or even entire team, is now quick and effortless, because you can mention as many people as you like using @ notation.

Kudos main module where you can appreciate your teammates

Giving kudos isn’t merely a token gesture. As GetBadges grows, we plan on adding features that treat kudos like a resource. You will be able to essentially spend all the thanks you’ve received on something special. At the same time, giving kudos to others costs you nothing, because goodwill is not a competitive game where someone has to lose in order for someone else to win. When members of a team appreciate each other’s work, everyone benefits.

Kudos on activity
Kudos will appear immediately on GetBadges activity
Kudos on slack
…and on your Slack (or HipChat)!

Remember that kudos is just an aid. It’s the thought that really matters. Never put stock remarks in your messages. Tell your teammates what you’re thanking them for, and why it’s important to you.

Let us know what you think. We appreciate your feedback, because it helps us make GetBadges even better. Thanks!

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