5 Causes of Low Job Satisfaction in IT

Bad news for developers – they may have some problems with low job satisfaction in IT. Now, a small question: who works in finances, telecommunication or government as a developer, please raise your hands.

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How to Motivate Developers? Let Them Slash Monsters!

One of our graphic designers designed 7 new outfits for our monsters. We’ve already explained how our badges work and on this occasion, we’d like to present new looks and say a few words about our monsters and compulsion loop that can motivate developers.

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Frequently Asked Questions #2

Where can I add my ideas?
We try to shape our product based on gamers’ needs so we are open to any feedback and suggestions. Below please find our public Trello board where you can add new ideas and vote on existing ones as well.

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GetBadges Competition at infoShare And DevCamp!

Every month is quite busy at GetBadges, but May is particularly intense not only because of introduction of new features (soon to be announced, so stay in touch), but also because of two huge events – infoShare and DevCamp. In other words, we’re going to take two massive conferences by storm.


Seaside, beaches, sun, picturesque Gdansk and the biggest tech conference in Central and Eastern Europe. Can’t get better than that. During infoShare we’re going to compete in the pitch competition to win 20.000 € in cash and 1.000.000 € of potential investment. Keep your fingers crossed!

Apart from many workshops infoShare means also Startup Expo where we’re going to meet some top investors and fascinate them with our gamification platform. Also, it will be also nice to talk to other people from the industry, interested in GetBadges. We’re looking forward to receive some valuable feedback and a piece of advice from other startups and investors. In the meantime, we’ll participate in numerous interesting lectures and workshops.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 6.26.09 PM

The second event takes place in Warsaw, where we’re going to attend DevCamp. It’s a two-day event connecting hackathon and R&D sessions. Our CTO is going to make a presentation on a following topic: 20 types of data source, 1000 integrated systems. Inside GetBadges. The presentation will cover the issue of collecting data from many sources and combining it into one functional system.

GetBadges Contest!

What’s even more awesome, during these two events CTO Chris is going to launch a GetBadges competition!

Every developer or developer team interested in playing GetBadges will have a chance to set up one’s project that will compete against other player’s projects. There will be a leaderboard, so that everyone can see the results.

And there’s a prize for the winner! The best project will win a free enterprise plan to be introduced in the winner’s company.

You can practice today!

May is going to be really exciting, so stay in touch and wish us luck!

Frequently Asked Questions #1

Can we just collect badges or we have to fight a monster?
Fighting a monster is optional – you fight it only if you spawn it or create one in Monster Creator.

I have a tool that is not supported by GetBadges. What are the chances you will integrate this tool?
Just get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen.

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IT Needs Gamification. Conclusions on Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2016

It’s been some time since Stack Overflow published its yearly report on developers and their work. The opinions of more than 50 thousand programmers, developers, software engineers and others, create a comprehensive picture of IT today. It also shows that IT needs gamification.

We take a quick look at it through GetBadges-green-tinted glasses.

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12 gamification platforms that help learn programming

Let’s take a short break from gamification of IT project development. A future programmer may stumble upon gamification also during his education in the field of programming. I found for you 12 platforms that help learn programming. 

What can be observed recently is a growing awareness about coding, its importance in the near future and the fact that probably it is to become yet another indispensable skill in a person’s resume. Today we’ll take a look at some educational platforms that help learn coding through gamification.

Due to this fact, programming is gaining more and more attention of people who are conscious of tomorrow. That’s s why we can see the abundance of educational platforms which aim to learn programming in an intuitive and rewarding way. To do their job they gamify the educational process.
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Understanding badges in our gamification platform

Welcome to the badge apprentice guide. I’ve already explained to you why gamification is such a great tool, but this the time we are about to go a little bit into the details.

badges in motivation

I would like to introduce you to our system of badges. Hopefully you will get to know them better after this post. I will describe each standard badge you will meet throughout the game, as well as the badge creator. Shall we begin?

motivation in it

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