Meet GetBadges at AgileByExample 2016


AgileByExample is an international event for developers, testers and managers who apply Agile and Lean practices in their everyday work.It will be in October 11-12th 2016 and held in Multikino Ursynów, one of the largest cinemas in Warsaw.

GetBadges are going to ABE16 conference to continue our mission – to show how team’s collaboration can look today and how to support agile software development process in a fun way.

Krzysztof Hasiński
You can meet Chris – our CTO – at ABE16

GatBadges is a gamification platform for agile project management and software development. The idea was born in 2015. Now the company is located in Poznan, Poland and it is after a seed round. The founders cooperate with local agile groups, like PAUG.” – says Chris, our CTO.

“GetBadges gives a boost to employee engagement and improves company culture by adding fun thanks to game elements. It can help both management and HR staff increase motivation in everyday (sometimes boring) tasks. The innovative key is that we are using a smart algorithm, that process the data directly from tools the employees are using and gives them instant feedback about their work. The game runs automatically based on previously sets management KPIs and helps whole software team reach their goals.” – says Chris.

You can meet Chris at ABE16 between October 11 and 12th at Warsaw. You can contact him by email: or by phone: +48 664 048 600.

See you at ABE16!

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Justyna Wojtczak

CEO and Co-Founder of GetBadges, a Polish start-up that created a revolutionary motivation system which transforms your work into a game. Through GetBadges, development teams can play a game at work and at the same time improve their performance. The result is an increase in employee motivation and more engagement in IT teams.

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