How to learn MS Office easily? Gamification answers.

How to learn MS Office easily? Gamification answers.

What does gamification and MS Office have in common? Before I tell you, let’s look very briefly at games and Microsoft. It seems to me that it is sufficiently proven how important for Microsoft video gaming is. The company takes pride in Xbox, calling it „the best console ever made” and the Games for Windows brand. The acquisition of Minecraft video game for $2,5 billion adds to the picture.

The Redmond giant does not stop there, as is also vastly interested in the power of gamification. A couple of years ago Microsoft launched a video game that makes learning MS Office easy.

Doubtlessly, we are all aware of the importance of using office suite software skillfully nowadays. And yet, a lot of features these programs have are not so well-known. Looks like Microsoft took the words of Mary Poppins to heart: ”In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and – SNAP – the job’s a game.”

Surely, that was the idea behind ‘Ribbon Hero’ – a video game that can make anyone the Word Master, The Excel Magician, or The PowerPoint Artist.

Ribbon Hero is teaching MS Office through gamification.

Once we open MS Office, there are challenges awaiting in four categories: working with text, page design and layout, getting artistic, and quick points. Each challenge will teach us a new feature of these applications. It is worth mentioning that points are received even outside the game, as long as we are actively using MS Office. The game integrates with Facebook allowing us to compare scores with our friends. Also, there is a sequel to the game. Basic mechanics remained the same, but the plot was improved as the player can time travel to, for example, the Middle Ages, Ancient Egypt, the Renaissance, and many more. The game is freely available here.

Ribbon Hero is teaching MS Office through gamification
The Middle-Ages have never looked cozier. (Image:

Well, it seems to me that Microsoft has shown that text editors are also suitable for gamification of work and learning.

In GetBadges, we are fully determined to embrace the vast usefulness of gamification. Our mission is to help improving motivation and teamwork skills by playing a video game.

The gamification is booming, new pieces of evidence for that pop up every day. Without a doubt, it is worth joining the revolution.

Discussing the phenomenon is something we enjoy. And there is plenty of examples how gamification changes schools, workplaces, and everyday lives.

We’ll share them with you some other time.

Until then, stay tuned!

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