Introducing to Badge Dungeon

Introducing the Badge Dungeon

Who said you can’t work and have fun at the same time? Here’s our first step into the realm of job-driven gaming: the Badge Dungeon.

The idea here is extremely simple: as you get your tasks done, GetBadges tracks and measures your progress. Just make sure to have our service integrated into your development tools, and the rest will be handled automatically. Your completed tasks will be registered as in-game events that increase the amount of your in-game resource, called Adrenaline.

Why would you need Adrenaline? Well, our game world now has dungeons. Those are proper dens of villainy, complete with dark tunnels, pools of lava, badge-hoarding monsters, and occasional developers pretending to not have their tongues stuck in their cheeks (though we’re guessing that last bit counts as an Easter egg). In order to get a new badge, you need to defeat a monster, but there’s a catch. They’re way too tough for you to just hack them into pieces, and on top of that they call reinforcements at the end of each week. That’s where Adrenaline comes in useful: you spend it on bonuses to your and your team mates’ monster-hacking ability, called DPS (short for „damage per second”). It’s as simple as clicking an icon. Be careful to pick a bonus that helps your team the most.

You’ll get best results when everyone on your team is playing, but you can also ask team mates to share their Adrenaline with you. They may be collecting it without even knowing, since this is an automated process, as long as GetBadges is plugged into your development tools.

Introducing the Badge Dungeon


We hope this mini-game will become an enjoyable way for you to spend your breaks. For us, it’s a way to show our appreciation for your work. We also strongly believe that being able to see one’s job from a different perspective, such as a work of fiction, helps us enjoy it more and maybe even learn something new about it.

We would like to hear from you. Can you think of other ways to translate your work into gameplay? What other kinds of games do you enjoy? Where do you think we should take this one? We intend to keep experimenting with job-driven games, so let us know how you’re feeling about it.

(No monsters were harmed in the making of the Badge Dungeon. Well, maybe a little.)

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