Introduce employees to company core values with kudos

Introduce employees to company core values with Kudos

Lo and behold! The recently introduced Kudos module has gotten a new feature. It’s time to spread company culture. Now, you are free to choose the core values of the company that will be promoted among your employees. The question then arises…

How to introduce employees to company core values with Kudos?

First of all, let’s establish what we know. Surely, whenever an employee is fully fulfilled and content, we’re on a good track. Projects simply don’t end with the last task, but with the moment employees thank each other for cooperation. A good team does not omit this step. One of the ideas how to employees can show each other appreciation they deserve is our electronic platform that enables giving out Kudos. How to do that is explained further in another article here. But as for now, I should mention what’s the connection between spreading company culture and Kudos system. Simply put, with GetBadges everyone can highlight which company core value has been fulfilled while saying thanks. That way employees will get information in which aspect they’ve contributed the most to the company culture.

What are long-term benefits of that?

When the core values of your company are clear, it’s much easier to shape and sustain its organizational culture. Employees that are aware of these values and have a sense of contribution to the sustainability of them, develop the feeling of being part of something bigger. Also, it adds the certainty that their work actually improves the whole company. One simple move gives the company both loyal employees and synergy so important to success. And that results in increased resistance to unexpected internal and external factors that could jeopardize the company’s autonomy. Not to mention, it’s a pure pleasure to spend your time working in such organization. GetBadges might be just what you need to get you one step closer to achieve that.

How do I set up company core values in GetBadges?   

After logging in as a founder, click on the green button located in kudos form:

add new company core value from kudos form

You’ll see a short blank of the new company core value:

Click „Add” in order to save it. Depending on your needs, you can hide existing core values or add new ones.

Sample organizational core values that work

For starters, you’ll get 4 core values set by us. These particular ones should add some humor:

  • happiness
  • bravery
  • quirkiness
  • good behaviour  

company core values with kudos

Some other core values you may take into account:

  • teamwork
  • leadership
  • problem solving
  • innovation
  • commitment
  • creativity
  • transparency
  • diversity

Give it a try and see how job-driven game GetBadges contributes to your company!

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