The influence of gamification on IT employees’ motivation

Gamification now and then

Since the dawn of history games played a significant role in human’s life. Their main goal was to provide entertainment, relaxation, bring relief to pains and sorrows after a hard day spent on plowing a field or conquering another medieval village. Well, fortunately, in XXI C. games and entertainment have been successfully implemented in slightly different areas of life.

Development of web and mobile applications paved the way for gamification of many areas of digital reality. With the growing number of gamers, games are becoming a significant part of leisure and work, as they boost positive behaviors among employees, also in IT.

What’s the fuss about gamification?

Numerous researches proved that implementing gamification increases employees’ involvement, motivation, productivity, and, what is more important, the quality of the final product. Gamification drives developers to master new skills and come up with fresh ideas. Teamwork and collaboration allows providing mutual inspiration and support.

gamification in it

As we can see in the infographic, gamification becomes more and more appreciated by companies and employess. The system of rewards is a source of appreciation and respect, as well as a great talent-spotting tool. It creates healthy competition that results in a high quality product that exceeds a customer’s expectations.

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