How to start playing GetBadges?

Are you interested in customizing your IT team workflow with GetBadges? Very well, let’s do it 🙂

Creating a new game is very simple, a game is an analogous to your company/organisation with multiple projects.

How to start playing GetBadges - create a new game


You can create as many project as you want and assign to them  your teammates. Or, if you don’t feel like managing people, GetBadges can assign people automagically.

Invite as many people as you can, so the game will get more interesting. Autoinvitations will help you with this task and they are enabled in your new game by default.

GetBadges creates a game based on your project data using integrations called webhooks. Webhooks are notifications that we get every time you are active in any of your tools. The setup is fast and simple, we created a step by step walkthrough for each and every one of them. After you configure them, your tool is ready to work with GetBadges. To get most out of GetBadges be sure to integrate at least one build, one code repository and one issue tracker to each project!

You can read more about integrations here: Why does Getbadges need integrations?

After adding your tools, the game begins 🙂 On start, you have a defined set of badges, depends on type of your added tools. For example, if you want to use JIRA from Atlassian, you can see available badges dedicated for JIRA here. You can define an own badges in special badges creator.

Achievements for passcodes are also available, as explained in this article: How to reward custom activity? It’s useful when you want to award somebody for activity outside of his normal work routine.

And the important note: GetBadges recognizes users by their emails, so your teammates should add all of them on special page if they need:

Setup your email adresses


If GetBadges finds an email that isn’t recognized it will create an NPC (Non-Player Character) with a randomized name. If you didn’t disable autoinvitations this email will also get an invitation to join your game, so the word gets spread and you’ll have all active developers at your company playing with you.

We try to make our platform better for you, so you can send your feedback in comments below or email us at . Thanks!


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Justyna Wojtczak

CEO and Co-Founder of GetBadges, a Polish start-up that created a revolutionary motivation system which transforms your work into a game. Through GetBadges, development teams can play a game at work and at the same time improve their performance. The result is an increase in employee motivation and more engagement in IT teams.

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