GetBadges & Raspberry Pi

GetBadges dashboard using Raspberry Pi

We have recently released a long-promised feature – big screen dashboard that can be shared among the team.

It shows recent badges, events, and current monster status. We wanted for players to push a commit and see their work affecting the game.

Soon after we received a lot of questions about running it on a Raspberry Pi hooked up to a 1080p television. GetBadges does not support Raspbian default browser (called simply Web, in reality – a version of Epiphany). However, in Raspbian repositories you can actually find Firefox. Debian (on which Raspbian is based) renamed Firefox to Iceweasel because of various shenanigans back in 2006.

Here is how to do it.

GUI way

Launch “Preferences > Add / Remove Software”.

Preferences > Add / Remove Software

Search for “iceweasel”.

Search for "iceweasel"

Mark it as installed and click OK.

Enter your password. If you haven’t changed the defaults your password should be “raspberry”.

Confirm with your password, default is "raspberry"

CLI way

Launch terminal and run:

 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get install -y iceweasel

If you haven’t changed the defaults your password should be “raspberry”.

Once it is done head to your dashboard (either by logging in or using our public link that you can find in your game settings) and enjoy your game on the big screen.

Dashboard screen

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