Going from MVP to a product based on GetBadges

In January 2016, Krzysztof, our CTO, took part in a meetup hosted by Ionic Poland, a community that is focused around hybrid mobile app frameworks. The discussion topic during “Startup or enterprise? Where is the fit for AngularJS and Ionic?” meetup concerned the importance of Angular and Ionic frameworks.

Krzysztof discussed the way GetBadges made as a hobby project, from MVP to a product. The idea of gamification platform for developers sparked an interesting debate and raised many questions.

getbadges gamification of IT development

Photo: Ionic Poland

Now, grab Krzysztof’s presentation and bring out the best out of it!

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Justyna Wojtczak

CEO and Co-Founder of GetBadges, a Polish start-up that created a revolutionary motivation system which transforms your work into a game. Through GetBadges, development teams can play a game at work and at the same time improve their performance. The result is an increase in employee motivation and more engagement in IT teams.

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