Frequently Asked Questions #2

Where can I add my ideas?
We try to shape our product based on gamers’ needs so we are open to any feedback and suggestions. Below please find our public Trello board where you can add new ideas and vote on existing ones as well.

Why should I add Slack or HipChat?
Adding Slack of HipChat will enable instant notifications once the badge is received or monster defeated – this way you do not have to log in to the game to see what’s going on. The game will do that for you.

How can I manage a lot of users?
You may play with the  entire team and be a part of one big game or (as some of our gamers prefer) you may add multiple projects and play within smaller groups. This allows teamwork with a little bit of healthy competition.

Do you have any materials?
Yes! Please drop us a line and we will send you Info Pack and Playbook!

Can GetBadges operate on the local system?
Not yet. We’ll see what future brings.

Does it cost anything to integrate tools?
Nope. Drop us a line, if you want to gamify a tool that we don’t support yet.

Do you support Open Source games?
Yes. All Open Source games based on GitHub are open and free to play.

Can I share my game with others without adding them to the game?
Yes, but only if you create an Open Source game.

What should I do if I have any questions? Whom should I contact and how?Contact us via !

How to scale up or down my subscription plan?
Contact us via !

How will I receive my invoice?
By e-mail. You’ll get a message from with the invoice inside.

How can I remove a project?
You can do it by one click.

How NPC are created?
All mail activities that go unrecognized by GetBadges create virtual users called NPC (Non-player characters). An NPC disappears when a real player registers in GetBadges or connects an unrecognisable email address to existing account.

How do I score?
Different tool types reward different actions. Let’s see an example:

Project Management Tools (i. e. JIRA, Tello, etc.):

  • Issue closed 50XP + 10% XP for all activities until closing
  • Issue opened 50XP
  • Issue deleted 25XP
  • Issue reopened 25XP

Code Review Tools (i. e. Gerrit, GitHub):

  • Code review changes merged 50XP for player who merged
  • Code review changes merged 250XP for author (50XP for adding and 200XP when approved)

Code Repository Tools (i. e. Stash, GitLab, Heroku):

  • Commit added 50XP

Continuous Integration Tools (i. e. Travis, Circle CI):

  • 25XP for each successful build, but also there are penalties for the ones that fail

Customer Relationship Management Tools:

  • Pipedrive (more info soon)


  • Olark (more info soon)

Other, build-in GetBadages activities:

  • OnFire mode (contribute at least 10 activities within 8 straight hours of work to get +10 XP with each following action.)
  • Like 1XP
  • Comment 5XP
  • Gain badge: 1000XP
  • Add an integration 500X

The first part is available here.

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