Frequently Asked Questions #1

Can we just collect badges or we have to fight a monster?
Fighting a monster is optional – you fight it only if you spawn it or create one in Monster Creator.

I have a tool that is not supported by GetBadges. What are the chances you will integrate this tool?
Just get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen.

Does GetBadges store and see my code?
Nope. We neither store nor see any line of your code.

Does GetBadges have pubic API?
Not yet. We’re in the middle of creating it. We look forward to getting any feedback regarding this matter. Drop us a message!

What is the future of GetBadges and what improvements can I expect?
The game is being continuously developed. Day by day we add more features for game masters and players.

How can I delete my game?
At the moment, you need to contact our CTO who, with a heavy heart, will delete it for you.

What can you tell me about the Enterprise Plan?
Contact us and we’ll fix a meeting with your dev ops team to discuss the details.

Who establishes and manages the achievement system?
At the moment, we do. In few months we’ll allow you to establish your own system of points awarded for particular actions. What’s more, our Badge Creator allows creating custom badges for custom activities, e.g. making the best cake in the office.

What integrations do you support?
GitHub, Trello, Olark, Pipedrive, JIRA, Slack, Hipchat and more. See the rest here.

How does GetBadges recognize players?
By the email address.

How can I invite other players?
If you’re a Game Master, you can invite players by an invitation form. Also, by default there’s auto invitation that automatically invites potential players who work within the same project and tool.

I’ve created a game but nothing happens. What’s next?
Make sure you’ve connected your tools. Only then you can start playing. If you’ve already connected your tools, start using them and see how GetBadges reacts. For example, if you’ve connected a code repository tool, push a commit.

How can I award badges?
Badges fell into two categories: awarded automatically and awarded manually. The first group automatically rewards activities within a tool. Badges awarded manually are created in Badge Creator and after typing in a passcode, reward custom activities.

Do badges differ depending on a project?
Nope. They’re all the same everywhere, except of Custom Badges you can manage individually.

I noticed On Fire badge. What does it mean?
It’s a booster to your XP (experience points). Contribute at least 10 activities within 8 straight hours of work to get +10 XP with each following action.

Can I create a badge for a specific project?
Yes. In Badge Creator you may choose project you want to see your badge in.

The second part is available here.

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