5 Causes of Low Job Satisfaction in IT

Bad news for developers – they may have some problems with low job satisfaction in IT. Now, a small question: who works in finances, telecommunication or government as a developer, please raise your hands.

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Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2016 revealed many insights regarding developer’s job, such as preferred technologies, education, experience, etc. Make sure you see our article on the survey. It gives some important feedback and validates the need of gamification in IT.

In general, the survey shows that the level of job satisfaction in IT looks so-so, including almost every industry across the board except of one. But that, I’ll save it for later.

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The numbers from the survey reveal that developers working in finances, telecommunications and government struggle with relatively low job satisfaction. As a consolation, keep in mind that the job satisfaction in IT in general presents averagely. You’re not the only ones, guys.

Today we’ll try to take a look at the causes of this situation.

Possible Causes of Low Job Satisfaction In IT

There may be plenty of reasons, including different responsibilities, company culture, working conditions, politics, transparency, challenges at work and much, much more.

What’s important to keep in mind is that to many industries, developer’s work isn’t core and they are more likely to feel dissatisfaction. Also, the general job satisfaction may differ regardless of similar job responsibilities.

1. Responsibilities

Developers in each industry have different roles. In some of them, they are crucial to a company’s existence, whereas elsewhere, they’re not as important. Naturally, a developer in the gaming industry has other responsibilities than a developer in finances.

gaming low job satisfaction in it

It seems that low job satisfaction in IT partially depends on responsibilities and challenges at work. Everyone, whether a developer or not, enjoys having an actual impact, being rewarded, encouraged and acknowledged as it has a positive influence on one’s morale.

In startups, for example, developers usually have more responsibilities and their impact is huge and visible. Therefore, they are more likely steal the spotlight and be complemented which keeps the wheel turning. This accountability, however, means that any failures are immediately recognized and have a massive impact on the entire company. All the above makes working in a start-up kinda exciting.

In a bigger company, a corporation let’s say, responsibilities are usually more divided and it’s harder to become instantly recognized and accounted for.

GetBadges gives you a chance to become recognized the moment you complete one of your tasks. See how it works!

2. Lack of challenges

Another possible cause of such low job satisfaction in IT in finances, government and telecommunications may be the lack of challenges. To stay in a good form, programmers must be kept technically challenged.

lack of challenges low job satisfaction in it

When a developer joins a company, he or she learns fast due to new tools, processes, and colleagues. After some time, when one becomes familiar with the job, languages and people, the learning pace slows down. That’s the moment when the job becomes mundane.

Since big companies have a huge number of employees and complex structure, a developer is often a cog in the machine and his or her needs go unnoticed.

In such a situation, the introduction of game mechanics can be a perfect solution. Gamification is based on the idea of compulsion loop that engages people and provides rewards. Learn the science standing behind it from our article and give it a try!

3. Lack of transparency

No idea why payments are delayed? Or why one of the departments has been closed? Unable to reach your CEO? Probably you work in a bigger company that lacks transparency. There’s always a piece of information that doesn’t reach you, such as results of the board meeting or investment information.

lack of transparency low job satisfaction in it

These things make employees feel insecure and insignificant which translates into their productivity and sense of being. You don’t want that.

Gamification offers you recognition both within the game and the company, as everyone sees your level, badges, and achievements. Collect yours now!

4. Company culture

Company culture is all about employees having a good time at work. While working for a big company, it’s hard to have an impact on a company culture. Unfortunately, it’s hard to have an impact while you’re just another brick in the wall.

company culture low job satisfaction in it

However, in bigger companies employees have less and less influence on a company’s culture. They become a part of a culture that is faceless. Their voice of opinion is meaningless and ideas skipped over.

Great company culture means happiness that means improved productivity. You should look forward to coming to work, enjoy challenges and have a blast time with your coworkers. If you don’t have one, well, we have an option for you.

Implementing GetBadges may give a birth to a company culture or regenerate one. Custom badges can reflect an inside humor or company traditions. People can be rewarded for anything: having the worst sense of humor, sweeping the floor or even listening to Nickelback. It all depends on you. Give it a shot!

5. Burnout

burnout low job satisfaction in it

Developers are particularly exposed to burnout. At a certain point of the career, each developer loses interest in the profession. The factors mentioned above plus meetings, bug fixes, stress, extra hours and more can take its toll. Approaching this state of being, developers often think of changing job or going for a different position. Retention in IT has been always a problem, but we may have a solution.

All the above can be prevented by a little bit of fun, namely a gamification platform like ours. It motivates employees, increases productivity and collaboration. Fighting monsters, collecting badges, fulfilling achievements while coding? Yes, please!


There are many causes of low job satisfaction in IT. To fix it, it’s easier to introduce a gamification platform, than try to change the company. We’ve already covered the influence of gamification on employees in IT. Be sure to check it!

And one more thing! Sign up for a free trial!

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