How to play GetBadges – a manual for IT teams

Many people ask us: how to play GetBadges for better motivation and engagement our employees? We prepared a small introduction manual which will explain basics of our game.

You can download it here.

Note: this manual is dedicated to IT teams. For sales teams we will have another manual that will be released really soon.

What’s inside?

– best practices that we promote using our game
– description of the Dungeon module – a new way of teamwork
– description of Kudos – how to express gratitude in your company
– description of user’s profile and company’s activity board

Manual will also guide you in exploring the game and making most out of it. Send it to your team and see for yourself how GetBadges can help your company.

Why Gamification Works? Part 1: Process creation

Gamification Creates Process

In order to work efficiently and stay motivated, human mind needs a few things:

  1. It needs to know the goal: what needs to be done, how it can be done, and why it should be done.
  2. It needs to know that the task is not infinite. Ideally, the time of completion should be known and not too far in the future. Tangible representations of progress are the second best thing.
  3. It needs to know, rather than expect or guess, what the outcome will be. The results should be predictable and beneficial.

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Causes of Project Failure: Project Management

Working on a project and suddenly found yourself at a loss? Hit a dead end road? Right now you’re probably thinking what’s wrong. And the potential causes of project failure are innumerable.

Are you confused with the roles within the project? Is the planning too complex? Fighting low morale? Running out of time? Cannot manage the team? You name it. There’s an awful lot of things that might have gone wrong.

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5 Causes of Low Job Satisfaction in IT

Bad news for developers – they may have some problems with low job satisfaction in IT. Now, a small question: who works in finances, telecommunication or government as a developer, please raise your hands.

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Going from MVP to a product based on GetBadges

In January 2016, Krzysztof, our CTO, took part in a meetup hosted by Ionic Poland, a community that is focused around hybrid mobile app frameworks. The discussion topic during “Startup or enterprise? Where is the fit for AngularJS and Ionic?” meetup concerned the importance of Angular and Ionic frameworks.

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