Boost sales productivity

Boost your sales team productivity in a fun way!

You probably know a lot about gamification, so I’m going to give you a practical way to use it for motivation your team thanks to GetBadges motivation system.

Sales people love numbers. Show them those numbers! How many emails they’ve sent? How many calls they did? Meetings with clients they have attended? We prepared missions – “Badges” – based on various salesman activities. Your teammates can earn them and we show them their progress. You can get an automatically setup main mission – defeating a monster – your team can fight with them with cooperative actions. Your team get special points called adrenaline thanks to positive actions like closing deals, making calls and sending emails.

And the last is an optional stage – maybe should be discussed in your team – what rewards would you give them for being on the top 3 – it is on your hands! All of mentioned above give positive impact on personal and team productivity.

OK, so let the game begin!

Easy setup

  1. If you have Pipedrive, register at GetBadges gamification platform – you can get 14 full days – there are 336 hours for you to test for free and no credit card required
  2. Add Pipedrive connection: choose Projects from top menu and add a new connection. Choose Pipedrive 🙂 The last step is connecting your Pipedrive to GetBadges! In the manual that was attached you get a clear and simple instruction how to do it!

Yes, that’s all! You don’t need any programming skills to do it, and now we can start to measure your sales people and give them new goals!

After making come research and observations through other games was started, we make a predefined points for activities in your CRM. The main activities with points are:

  • have a meeting with a customer (+ 18XP)
  • called a customer (+ 15XP)
  • added a deal to CRM (+ 15XP)
  • marked an email as sent (+ 9XP)
  • sent email to a customer (+ 6XP)
  • scheduled a meeting with a customer (+ 6XP)
  • scheduled an activity with the customer (+ 5XP)
  • scheduled a call with the customer (+ 5XP)
  • marked a task as done (+ 5XP)
  • scheduled an email to the customer (+ 3XP)
  • add a task to CRM (+ 2XP)


The achievements – based on events mentioned above – give a chance to earn badges like that:

Sent 50’th email and you can get: Badge for send 50’th email

Schedule 10’th call with the customer, achieve:

Badge for scheduling 10’th call with the customer

And adding 10’th deal to Pipedrive you can earn:

Badge for adding 10’th deal

We have plans to add more badges for different activities, they are coming soon! You can also create manually additional badges based on events comes from Pipedrive!

We have plans to add more badges for different activities, they are coming soon!


We have levels to measure your progress in other way! Each badge gives 1000 XP reward. You can level-up when you reach:

  • 1 lvl => 0 XP
  • 2 lvl => 4000 XP
  • 3 lvl => 10000 XP
  • 4 lvl => 20000 XP
  • 5 lvl => 35000 XP
  • 6 lvl => 56000 XP
  • 7 lvl => 84000 XP
  • 8 lvl => 120000 XP
  • 9 lvl => 165000 XP
  • 10 lvl => 220000 XP
  • 11 lvl => 286000 XP
  • 12 lvl => 364000 XP
  • 13 lvl => 460000 XP
  • 14 lvl => 920000 XP
  • 15 lvl => 1600000 XP
  • 16 lvl => 2500000 XP


I recommend to enable a leaderboard module in your game settings. Here you can see the metrics based on your Pipedrive activity:

GetBadges leaderboard with users activities

All leaderboards are divided by months, co you can measure users activities month by month.

User’s Profiles

When you click on user avatar circle, you can see them detailed progress:

User profile statistics

On your profile, you can see how are your badges-missions going:

Locked badges

As I mentioned above, you can define your own badges also and if you need, can give passcodes for custom activities, that user can claim and get badge individually.

Work activity booster

As you Pipedrive was added, you can access to another quest – the bigger mission based on team cooperation – beat the monster till 6PM Friday and give a chance to dig a special badge!

Clicker multiplayer for boost work activities

This is our latest and the biggest module with game-based experience.


In conclusion, you get a motivation system with all of spectrum game-based elements. All of them have positive impact on productivity of people engaged in sales process. You can share your work experience thanks to advanced module called clicker, where all of your employees can cooperate with each other with a lot of fun at work. Clicker give additional boost to everyday work activities.

You can start here.

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Justyna Wojtczak

CEO and Co-Founder of GetBadges, a Polish start-up that created a revolutionary motivation system which transforms your work into a game. Through GetBadges, development teams can play a game at work and at the same time improve their performance. The result is an increase in employee motivation and more engagement in IT teams.

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