GetBadges dashboard using Raspberry Pi

We have recently released a long-promised feature – big screen dashboard that can be shared among the team.

It shows recent badges, events, and current monster status. We wanted for players to push a commit and see their work affecting the game.

Soon after we received a lot of questions about running it on a Raspberry Pi hooked up to a 1080p television. GetBadges does not support Raspbian default browser (called simply Web, in reality – a version of Epiphany). However, in Raspbian repositories you can actually find Firefox. Continue reading GetBadges dashboard using Raspberry Pi

We are pre-accelerated by Huge Thing!

We are very happy to announce that we got accepted into Huge Thing!


Huge Thing pet monster

Actually, this news is a little bit late since we are attending the lectures for almost three weeks now.

While we got tons of new ideas on how to make our product better we remain committed to bringing developers fun while also promoting best practices when it comes to Software Engineering. We learned that we can include more of your IT team into our platform and with the experience and data we have we can provide much better insights into the way you are writing software. But shh! It’s a secret (yet).

Continue reading We are pre-accelerated by Huge Thing!