5 ways for employee motivation

5 Ways for Employee Motivation Using GetBadges

Do you know that feeling when you really love your job but you don’t feel like your team shares the same passion? As entrepreneur you have tried a whole bunch of incentives but nothing seems to work? Learn how to motivate your staff using GetBadges so that they can look forward for much more than just a paycheck.

Set SMART goals with badges

Your employees may not be as motivated as you are if they don’t have goals to meet. In GetBadges you manage goals using badges. Define them individually to empower each team member. Be clear about your expectations and base them on specific activities through badges editor. Remember that goals should meet SMART criteria. You can add another dimension to particular goals, implementing levels to badges. You will be able to manage them easily from your dashboard.

Badges help in setting employee goals

Provide feedback with kudos

What’s the point of doing certain tasks if you are not aware whether you are making them well? We need feedback in our lives. We need to celebrate personal milestones. This is what drives us to act better and more efficiently. One of the ways to give feedback is by saying “thanks”. In GetBadges, you can use Employee Recognition Module for that. Send kudos to your team members and add @ notation for people you wish to reward with this little word. Don’t forget to explain them what you are thankful for! They will be immediately noticed about such an action.

Add a kudos - employee recognition module

Build confidence with experience points

Ok, so your team members know they do their tasks well. But there’s something missing. They need to know they are progressing as well. You are the one responsible for showing them their potential career path. In this way, you mentor your employees by giving them purpose. In GetBadges we introduced Experience Points (XP) for reaching next levels. This information can be shared so that everyone knows who is making the real progress.

Player profile with level

Make work fun with badge dungeon

Have you ever noticed that you work much more efficiently once you are in a good mood? As much as certain discipline is needed while working on the project, it’s still possible to shake things up and put smile on your employees’ faces. In GetBadges you get it using Badge Dungeon. Together with integration of your development tools to the platform, all tasks are translated into in-game events related to in-game resource called Adrenaline.

Through Badge Dungeon your employees receive a multiplayer game experience. Bringing people together is yet another way to cultivate positive and efficient working environment.

Motivate employee through game elements

Track performance with leaderboard

Apart from positive mood and fun your projects need to meet deadlines. And there’s nothing wrong about tracking performance of your employees. With leaderboard feature and the distribution chart, you can verify how each employee does their job.

Gamification thanks to leaderboard

Browse employee activities distribution

You can also see how productive they really are. If only they are doing well- give them kudos!

Create efficient and happy working place with GetBadges. Get started now and check how you can easily motivate all your team and make your business grow.

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