the three benefits of gamification

The 3 benefits of gamification that are not so obvious

There are plenty of benefits of gamification in the workplace. However, there’s a little misinterpretation that the game-driven system is about solely introducing “fun”. In fact, the main purpose of using tools like GetBadges is to help develop traits of a good employee and supercharge performance. And as a result, enabling each worker to contribute to the whole organizational culture out and away. Here are the 3 not-so-obvious benefits of gamification that have a positive effect on both company and employees.

1. Making the performance data more transparent

successful collection of performance data

Implementing gamification helps build a successful collection of performance data. Such data provides you with the information about your employee’s productivity. Of course, the manager’s opinion on the employee will always be of great value, but why stop there? Imagine combining both:
performance tracking that is integrated into the app and then also what the managers say. That’s what we call real transparent and unbiased report on performance.

2. Rewarding is the key to loyalty

Gamification allows you to credit your employees

Your employees know that: hardly anything is more frustrating that not getting a credit for the job well-done. Gamification allows you to credit your employees and ensure them that their hard work is never unnoticed.   You cannot afford to let a good employee feel just like a cog in the machine. They need to know that they truly are essential as a part of the team. Making sure that they never feel omitted, after the task, builds loyalty so necessary for the team to stay on top. One of the ways to do that could be with Kudos. More about it here.

3. Encouraging risk-taking

Encouraging risk-taking

Sometimes projects fail. Quite often though, they could have been saved by the involvement of others. Understandably, some people are not very much encouraged to get on board, even if they could save the day. One of the main reasons for that is – they don’t want to be a part of the bunch that takes the blame.

Well, clearly, gamification offers the solution. Let’s say everyone does their part and then they are evaluated basing on the effort they’ve actually put into the project. This could be possible due to the collection of data about each employee in the process mentioned above.

However… Sounds a bit selfish, doesn’t it? Now, should someone jump into every project without a care about the result, as they won’t take the blame if doing their part right?

No, it doesn’t work like this.

Using gamification tools, such as GetBadges provides, a team always stays in touch with each member. Safe to say, any problem that jeopardizes the project will get fixed immediately by those who are well-communicated and motivated within the system. This creates the feeling that there’s always someone from your team who can hold your back and help you out. And that very much encourages people to work competitively without fear of failing.

That’s healthy risk-taking right here.


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Justyna Wojtczak

CEO and Co-Founder of GetBadges, a Polish start-up that created a revolutionary motivation system which transforms your work into a game. Through GetBadges, development teams can play a game at work and at the same time improve their performance. The result is an increase in employee motivation and more engagement in IT teams.

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