The 10 Good Organizational Culture Practices

Organizational culture, simply speaking, refers to all the values and behaviors that create the unique environment of the organization. When we allude to the company, we may call it ‘company culture’. I very much like the nifty term coined by A. Kennedy and T. Deal who described  organizational culture as ‘the way things get done around here.’ We can easily imagine how complex the whole culture of the company might be, full of both good and bad practices.

Here, we’ll focus on the best positive behaviors and values that make the company great. Let’s make a swanky list!

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Introduce employees to company core values with Kudos

Lo and behold! The recently introduced Kudos module has gotten a new feature. It’s time to spread company culture. Now, you are free to choose the core values of the company that will be promoted among your employees. The question then arises…

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The 3 benefits of gamification that are not so obvious

There are plenty of benefits of gamification in the workplace. However, there’s a little misinterpretation that the game-driven system is about solely introducing “fun”. In fact, the main purpose of using tools like GetBadges is to help develop traits of a good employee and supercharge performance. And as a result, enabling each worker to contribute to the whole organizational culture out and away. Here are the 3 not-so-obvious benefits of gamification that have a positive effect on both company and employees.

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How to learn MS Office easily? Gamification answers.

What does gamification and MS Office have in common? Before I tell you, let’s look very briefly at games and Microsoft. It seems to me that it is sufficiently proven how important for Microsoft video gaming is. The company takes pride in Xbox, calling it „the best console ever made” and the Games for Windows brand. The acquisition of Minecraft video game for $2,5 billion adds to the picture.

The Redmond giant does not stop there, as is also vastly interested in the power of gamification. A couple of years ago Microsoft launched a video game that makes learning MS Office easy.

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How to play GetBadges – a manual for IT teams

Many people ask us: how to play GetBadges for better motivation and engagement our employees? We prepared a small introduction manual which will explain basics of our game.

You can download it here.

Note: this manual is dedicated to IT teams. For sales teams we will have another manual that will be released really soon.

What’s inside?

– best practices that we promote using our game
– description of the Dungeon module – a new way of teamwork
– description of Kudos – how to express gratitude in your company
– description of user’s profile and company’s activity board

Manual will also guide you in exploring the game and making most out of it. Send it to your team and see for yourself how GetBadges can help your company.

5 Ways for Employee Motivation Using GetBadges

Do you know that feeling when you really love your job but you don’t feel like your team shares the same passion? As entrepreneur you have tried a whole bunch of incentives but nothing seems to work? Learn how to motivate your staff using GetBadges so that they can look forward for much more than just a paycheck. Continue reading 5 Ways for Employee Motivation Using GetBadges

The Making of: Explainer

A creative team, brainstorming and loads of motivation – that’s all you need to create something wonderful. The same thing happened to GetBadges explainer. Our team was focused on making it as simple and dynamic as possible, and guess what? We made it right! But let’s start from the beginning. Continue reading The Making of: Explainer

Why Gamification works? Part 3: social network

Gamification Creates a Social Network

When two people meet, anything may happen. They could have a conversation, or an argument. They could help each other, or they could fight. They could be polite or rude. Communication is especially beneficial when people share values and goals: it turns sets of individuals into teams. Continue reading Why Gamification works? Part 3: social network

Say thanks with Kudos

Few words have as much impact on teamwork as “thanks!”. GetBadges helps you make sure you never miss another opportunity to show your appreciation.

One of keys to productive workflow is feedback. That’s how we learn if our work has been done and if it’s been done well. It takes many forms, from automated error messages to e-mail replies, to cash transactions. But the most common and powerful of all forms of feedback in a workplace is when someone simply says: thanks! Continue reading Say thanks with Kudos