About Us

GetBadges is a team of experts who have pulled their experience and resources to create one of the world’s best Gamification outlets. Each of the unique tools in their range is carefully designed to boost the productivity and momentum in the workplace. This unique Company has been able to serve small, medium and big size organizations with their customized products that reflect a huge dose of excellence. GetBadges keeps interpreting the dreams of each organization and harnessing that experience into a sublime Gamification model. Everyone can have a go at their simple and easy to use design of Gamification tools.

Justyna Wojtczak (CEO) - loves tech, games and automation - she has been coding for 12 years and still exploring new areas in IT. A big fan of continuous learning and development. Everyday she breaking down the barriers in her mind's - like start playing violin as adult with good results. Hobbies: analog and digital electronics, painting, singing in choir, nutrition and low carb diet (which she practices since 2003), science and growing chili peppers. GetBadges gives her a big improvement skills in team management, project planning and execution and a huge amount of knowledge in psychology, interaction design and agile methodologies.
Krzysztof Hasinski (CTO) - a programmer and gamer. He loves big data and used to work for various Silicon Valley companies and universities. He plays guitar and old video games alike, contributes to open source in his spare time. Started GetBadges to improve his team day to day coding challenges, stayed to slay the most monsters.
Jacek Wesołowski - an experienced game designer and writer. His career is rooted in commercial action games and spans over fifteen years, but he has since moved on to educational and persuasive projects. He's currently working with a team of several co-workers under an independent label Wonderland Engineering. When he's not busy growing the company, he delves into political activism. GetBadges is his biggest research project so far.
Kamil Gumienny - Sales Manager in GetBadges. Responsible for whole sale process. Open-minded and positive person who came thru all sales processes from outbound to inbound and he still want to learn more. For him good communication with the person is the main key to successful sale. His passions are running, cinematography, cooking and meeting new people. Big fan of Italian food and ready to explore new places in the word :) Working in GetBadges give him opportunity to develop himself not only in sales but also in whole IT environment. For him it’s fantastic experience to see how GetBadges company is constantly expanding and become much more valuable on the market.
Mateusz Jarczyński - a free spirit who dropped in on GetBadges to share a couple of ideas and help with communication and marketing endeavors. He explored several disciplines from biology and bioinformatics to film studies, French studies, philosophy and interactive media studies. Works on organizing cultural events in his hometown, Poznań and makes first steps in conceptual art. Always eager for new challenge and for fun.
Joanna Giętkowska - experienced in international business development, brand journalism and IT support, her field of specialization covers solar energy and environmental sciences, passionate about travelling and foreign languages, she’s lived in many places around the world (Canary Islands, Italy, England), currently traveller, entrepreneur and ukulele player. In GetBadges she enjoys teaching businesses about benefits of combining work with fun in IT projects.

The quest to make the work experience for many individuals an interesting one is what drives what we do. We understand that the world will be better off when people are naturally primed to be highly productive. We look at the things that inspire, motivate or create a fun-filled atmosphere as a natural course of our creative streak. We implement systems that galvanize these rich values and help to make it a daily reality for every individual that signs up to our products. Our robust knowledge of IT has helped us design tools that can easily be deployed across the board in any nation of the world. We are proud of our achievements since the inception of our brand.

Each game in our range brings a fresh perspective to how we can create better collaborations at the workplace. We have continued to build on our ideals of openness, creativity and dynamism with each tool that we deliver. The quest to set the pace for every player in our industry is what we are about. As frontline stakeholders in the world of gamification, we have continued to reach for greater frontiers irrespective of the success that we have achieved. The software development tools, the dynamics of coding and other allied matters all fall within the scope of our expertise.

GetBadges is a progressive partner for every business that is poised to align with contemporary work realities.

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