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Are you looking for how to enhance your employee performance and take your business to greater heights?

Here is an opportunity for you to:

  • Build synergy in your workflow through the use of a unique gamification experience
  • Keep your team motivated with a friendly platform
  • Increase productivity and cooperation through quality and unique interface
  • Enjoy dynamic support based on robust service icons
  • Explore creative channels for higher collaborations at work and so much more

Explore the power of our services today and experience real fun at work

We are here to help you take your staff energy levels to greater heights.

GetBadges is the right motivation system that is guaranteed to help you bring the right spark in your workplace.

Here are some great moves that this platform can help you achieve:

Assign and measure team goals: You can set goals in in one sublime move and employees can be given feedback in real time. This helps to align each player to your overall Company objectives.

Build synergy in a relaxed atmosphere: Capture the spirit of dynamic teamwork and increase productivity on a real time basis.

Select your key performance metrics: Every business knows how tasking it is to measure deliverables if there is no common tool to assess your work progress. GetBadges can help you create optimum measurement yardsticks for all departments in your organization.

You can try our unique motivation system laced with amazing tools right now and build a rich momentum that drives success in your business. This is the gateway to a place of true fulfillment both on a personal and collective basis.

Do you truly want to hit the right note in the heart of your team?

Let GetBadges help you make it happen today!


Mpire Media has been using Stash and Jira for the past few years to manage the code development process. We were looking for a way to create an environment which encourages developer rivalry so our developers can have some fun during development. Code development is no easy task and can become a bit hectic sometimes so having a platform like GetBadges helps ease tension and brings back some fun during the development process. After using GetBadges for the past year, developers have always been working a bit harder to get more badges and are also having fun during this process. We absolutely love ‘GetBadges’ and we think development teams should give it a try.

Arvin Varadharajalu, Senior Developer at Mpire Media

GetBadges encourages me to split my huge changesets to many, well described commits - I can get points for each of them. Moreover, I started to create Trello card for each task I'm working on, which makes my PM veeeeery happy.

Eryk Napierała, Front-End Developer at Usabilitytools

GetBadges is a fun and useful tool to keep our team motivated. It's a easy way to reward our best developers and to help everybody to reach a next level on their careers.

Elton Minetto, Co-founder Coderockr
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Integrates with your SaaS tools

GetBadges uses project management and software developer tools you already have.